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Emmi Fondü – Original Cheese Fondue from Switzerland (2 x 400g)


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  • Emmi Fondue 400g –  A mix of Gruyere, Emmental, White Wine and Kirsch, a seriously delicious fondue from Switzerland.
  • These handy 400g fondue packs let you throw a spontaneous party, all you need is wooden spoon, saucepan and your favourite thing to dip.
  • Made in Switzerland by  Emmi Benelux BV, 
  • A Swiss tradition great for dipping with bread, veggies, pretzels or anything else you desire.
  • Emmi Fondü Fun!
    Life can be boring. Don’t play with your food. Eat all your vegetables. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. But what about fun? Something that’s delicious and nutritious? Well…meet Fondue! It means “melted” in French and it’s the perfect combination of cheese, wine and seasonings. Yeah, I know, did someone say cheese?!! A Swiss tradition, it brings people together as everyone dips bread, veggies, pretzels or anything else their hearts’ desire. The conversation flows, spontaneous laughter fills the room and cares melt away! So grab a fork and see what happens…
  • Preparation
    Emmi is simple to prepare and is always a success!
    – Prepare the bread cubes.
    – Cut open the bag.
    – Pour the contents of the bag into an enamelled cast iron pan or caquelon.
    – Constantly stir and bring to boil on a stove.
    – To serve, place the caquelon on the burner so that the cheese continues to cook evenly.
    – Stick bread cubes or other side dishes (see tips) on a fork and dip into the fondue. Stir evenly so that the fondue stays thick and smooth to the end.
    – Enjoy with family and friends!Tips and tricks
    – To drink, a hot tea or dry white wine is recommended.
    – Season the fondue according to taste with pepper, nutmeg and paprika.Especially nice side dishes
    Mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cooked potatoes and various vegetables cooked “al dente”, such as broccoli, carrots or cauliflower

    Preparation and Usage

    Yummy Emmi Fondü
    1. Prepare your dippers
    2. Open the bag
    3. Pour into pan
    4. Bring fondue to boil
    Keep stirring
    5. Place fondue pot on
    Lets get this party started

    Dipping Options
    Crusty cubes of bread and baguette are traditionally used for dipping, but why not try these fun, tasty alternatives
    Cooked Ham or Turkey
    Grilled Beef, Chicken or Vegetables
    Roasted Mushrooms
    Boiled New Potatoes
    Chunks of (Pine) Apple or Pear
    Baby Carrots or Cherry Tomatoes
    Boiled Shrimp
    Steamed Broccoli or Cauliflower

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2 reviews for Emmi Fondü – Original Cheese Fondue from Switzerland (2 x 400g)

  1. Mrs A.

    Instant holiday comfort
    Super convenient and very authentic!

  2. LC21

    Tastes almost as good as the real thing
    Having just come back from Switzerland, I was pining for fondue, but couldn’t find any Fontina (which was one of the cheeses used in our fondue) online. So I tried this.
    Although this might not look especially appealing when you squeeze it from the packet, the contents melt into a lovely, gooey fondue. We had it with bread, baby potatoes, sliced apple and celery. I’d definitely buy it again.
    Yes, I recommend this product.

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